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There is often a trade-off between having a rich content management suite and having control of your site. It is also often the case that content management systems with too many features can confuse users.

For this reason Noise takes a completely bespoke attitude towards content management. We are not restricted to often complex or confusing “off the shelf” content management systems; we build a unique system which only includes the features you require.

Our CMS is accessible and editable from all desktops, iPads, tablets and mobile devices, so at the click of a mouse, or the tap of a screen, you can do everything you need to when administering your website.

The Noise bespoke CMS provides a full range of web accessibility and independent testing tools, which can be scaled to meet your needs. These include integrated Google Analytics, SEO tests and W3C compliance, along with dedicated monthly maintenance, performance reporting and customer service.

Our approach

Taking each client’s individual requirements into account before building their CMS allows us to comfortably tackle projects with complex requirements such as integrations with other CRM or other complex systems. With Noise developing your content managed website, you will get a solution that is uncluttered and usable, rather than something that is either too complex to use easily or breaks every time you try to make a small change to your website.

Our custom solutions are designed and built specifically for the tasks you require; they are an agile and dynamic extension to your marketing needs. You can update page content, change or upload new images, add interactive content such as video and upload documents for your visitors and choose bespoke calls to action to drop in to individual pages.

Whilst our bespoke solutions are designed to benefit the precise requirements our clients require, we understand that we also need to be capable of delivering a more modular or template solution. That’s why we pride ourselves on being an open source content management provider with expertise in many open source platforms such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

Our talented web development team build all our content management systems entirely in house and do not outsource any of the production process. This means any aspect of the content management system can immediately be adapted to suit your needs. We can give you as much or as little flexibility as you need.

Specification Summary

This specification summary is divided into a number of key technical and functional areas. The technical details are for the benefit of the development team who will ensure optimum use of all software. While the functional details are included in order to describe how the site will work on a day-to-day basis.

The most significant sections are:

Sitemaps - providing a simple, illustrative representation of the site layout as well as the detail of the dashboards

Content Management System (CMS) - providing a detailed description of how the system will be is will be implemented and managed

Functionality - a section included to describe, in context, the basic functional components of the website

Other sections - included by Noise Agency to describe things such as site content and relevant marketing messages.

Noise Agency CMS

This is a totally bespoke system, with custom-built functionality that is tailored to your specific and individual needs. It offers a number of benefits including:

  • A tried, tested and proven system – the basis of which was developed by Noise Agency developers over ten years ago
  • Security through obscurity - hackers are writing scripts for popular CMS’s, not a custom CMS
  • Cleaner code and faster load time - if a site is simple and focused you don’t need WordPress or Drupal slowing it down
  • Regular back up - the system and database are backed up every 24 hours
  • Complete control - comprehensive logs and revision history
  • Extendable - adapt it to your needs with exactly the right functionality
  • Most up to date editors - includes the most recent version of WYSIWYG CK editor and CK finder
  • Inbuilt tools - including SEO tests, W3C page tests and Google Analytics integration

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