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Noise were approached by leading door hardware manufacturer ERA to help them improve their website.  

ERA were at a critical point in their marketing strategy: they were about to start a major national publicity campaign, which included full-page features in national magazines and dedicated email broadcasts. This was a substantial investment for the company and it was important that this translated in to increased sales. An effective website would be crucial to the campaign’s success.

ERA asked Noise to renew their website to ensure that it could cope with the increase in traffic that the campaign would create and improve its ability to convert new visitors in to loyal customers.

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Bespoke build

After reviewing ERA’s existing site, Noise’s web experts suggested that the best way to achieve optimum results for our client would be to build a new website. The new site would be designed specifically to fit ERA’s new campaign and would provide a more dynamic, intuitive user experience. Our team would have to plan, write, design, test and launch the site in a matter of weeks - an unusually tight schedule - but we relish a challenge!

Working from ERA’s campaign objectives, such as building brand credibility and reaching a range of audiences including first time buyers, we designed ERA Expert: a modern, easy to navigate site with a contemporary clean design that immediately communicated the company’s professionalism and competence. The site included a range of different calls to action, all designed to convert the buzz of the marketing campaign in to sales. This was backed up by a seamless CMS that was easy for a range of contributors to administer in house.

ERA put their trust in Noise to meet a critical deadline, and we delivered. Despite the tight timeframe, ERA Expert was a highly considered and professional response to ERA’s brief, which exceeded their initial expectations.

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Capitalising on brand success

ERA have been providing home security solutions for over 175 years. They are leaders in their field, and over time they have increasingly become a trusted source of information on home security both for homeowners and tradespeople. The logical next step for the company was to develop a website that would reflect this achievement and help them to capitalise on the strength of their brand.

Building on the success of ERA Expert, ERA asked Noise to build them a website that could help to reposition ERA not only as a specialist manufacturer, but as an authority on home security. The new site would offer a range of free tools, practical advice and services, alongside information about ERA's home security solutions. The goal was to create a go-to resource for homeowners looking to improve their home safety.

ERA Keys

Establishing trust

Key to the site's success would be instilling trust. For existing customers, the ERA brand already carried a high level of credibility. When creating a new website, it is tempting to focus on creating a new look and feel, at the expense of brand recognition. Noise made sure that ERA's new site made use of the existing ERA logo, product names and typeface, so that when established customers arrive on the new homepage, they immediately know it is a source of information they can trust.

Simultaneously, the site needed to inspire confidence in new customers. To achieve this, Noise selected imagery and language that would provide reassurance that ERA are an experienced, reputable brand and a 'safe pair of hands'. The homepage design incorporates logos from ERA's partners, such as the Neighbourhood Watch, and publications that have endorsed ERA products, such as Real Homes magazine, positioning ERA amongst familiar trusted household brands. It also highlights important information about ERA's industry accreditation.

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Outstanding user experience

One of the most effective ways to gain a user’s trust, and their custom, is by providing them with an enjoyable user experience that delivers exactly what they need, without hassle. Noise’s web designers are experts in creating straightforward, easy to navigate user pathways, that take customers straight from the landing page to the information they need.

For ERA, Noise produced a responsive image-led homepage that lays out the company’s most popular services and products in an easily recognisable format. With one click, users can go straight from the landing page to the product page, where they’ll find not just key product details, but also a wealth of information and guidance on how to make their home safer. The homepage also features an interactive graphic that outlines the 4 easy steps that customers can take to set up their free home security survey in a simple step-by-step sequence.

Without hassling users with too much information or a barrage of offers, ERA’s website guides users to the security solutions and advice they need, helping to build the company’s reputation as a trusted authority on home security.

Fresh attractive content

ERA wanted to use their new site to share useful advice with their customer. Noise included a blog and news pages in the new website to provide a platform for ERA’s experts to share their knowledge. We also provide writing and editing support to ERA, adding to their capacity to publish regular blog posts and helping them to produce fresh, topical, engaging content. Our ongoing support and close collaboration with the ERA team ensure that their website will continue to attract customers and deliver on the company’s objectives, long after its launch.

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