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ZARGES is a European market leader in the manufacture of superior-quality aluminium products for access, packaging, transport and specialist construction. It was the first light metal construction company in Europe when it was founded by the Zarges brothers in Bavaria in 1933 and has since grown to become an international company with a workforce of 800 employees across 3 production sites.

ZARGES exports to approximately 60 countries, including the UK, and operates in sectors that are both crowded and highly competitive. To keep ahead of the competition, ZARGES commissioned Noise to produce a series of product films for its access and medical products.

The purpose of the films was to boost sales by targeting two key customer bases for ZARGES: professional tradespeople and hospital buyers. Noise have a strong focus on achieving results from all the communications materials that we produce.

We recognised that to give ZARGES value for money it was vital that every film was effective in converting customer engagement in to sales. We drew on our knowledge of the sectors involved and selected content to match the priorities of the target customers.


MPO Trolley Film production

This series of films showcases ZARGES Medical: A range of off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions for hospitals to support a wide range of functions including nursing, ward rounds and medication distribution. Hospital buyers are often time poor, so we created a series of short product films that deliver all the product information that the buyer needs in a straight forward, simple format. 


MPO supply Trolley Film production

Noise have years of experience enhancing sales in a range of sectors, and we know that even the highest quality products don’t sell themselves. So after delivering the key information about each product every film closes with call to action. This is crucial to converting views in to sales.


Fixed & mobile shelving Film production

The visuals and voice over were delivered to Noise’s exacting production standards, ensuring an exceptional quality of product film that stands out from the competition, is consistent with the ZARGES brand and inspires confidence in prospective customers. 


Z600 Ladder Film production

The second series of films features ZARGES ladders and platforms and targets professional tradespeople. Tradespeople need reliable products that can offer value for money, durability and safety, so these films highlight the quality German engineering across ZARGES products. In this film on-screen graphics are also used to reinforce key messages.


Reachmaster Film production

Products that can be deployed in a variety of settings offer tradespeople better value for money, so we filmed products in use in different settings and highlighted how ZARGES products are designed to deliver convenient, hassle-free solutions for a range of practical challenges such as transporting equipment and ensuring safe assembly.


Z500 Seventec Film production

Tradespeople look for products that can stand up to heavy daily use and are safe to use in all kinds of settings and conditions, from icy pavements to crowded construction sites, so each film emphasises the safety features of ZARGES designs.


Mobile Work Platform Film production

We are proud to have worked with ZARGES for several years and our strong relationship with the ZARGES team enables us to deliver the best results every time for the company and their customers.

We look forward to producing more professional, effective product films for the company in future.

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