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Sampling at Leading Travel Industry Event

Ricola is one of the most innovative manufacturers of herbal sweets in the world. As well as being a successful global brand, Ricola is a genuine Swiss family-run company. It has its headquarters in Laufen, near Basel, Switzerland and is proud to rank among the top 20 Swiss brands. When an exciting opportunity came up to collaborate with Switzerland Tourism on an exhibition at the World Travel Market Show, Ricola jumped at the chance to show off their country of origin and their unique products to the world.

The Noise team have a long relationship with Ricola so when they asked us to manage the World Travel Market Show promotion we understood exactly what the collaboration would mean to them. The World Travel Market Show is the most highly regarded global exhibition of its kind. Over 50,000 visitors stream through the doors of London Dockland’s ExCel Centre each year to explore the very best destinations, brands and products that the travel industry has to offer. The goal of the promotion was to market the Ricola brand to an international audience while supporting the Switzerland Tourism team in presenting the best of Swiss hospitality to the world.

A taste of Switzerland

To attract visitors in this busy arena Noise organised free sampling of Ricola products. We recruited, trained and managed a team of staff to hand out free samples to visitors approaching the stand. Over the whole three day event, the supply of sweets never faltered and neither did the team’s smiles. They welcomed thousands of customers to the Switzerland stand, acting as friendly ambassadors for the country and the Ricola brand.

Memorable marketing

Sampling is only a good investment if it is accompanied by a memorable experience that ensures people remember the brand as well as the freebie.

To maximise the marketing opportunity for Ricola, Noise arranged formal branded uniforms for the sampling team. They also trained the staff to communicate central marketing messages during their interactions with visitors by repeating key phrases such as: "sugar free"," tooth friendly", "only 6 calories" and emphasising the unique ingredients “containing 13 Swiss Herbs” on every occasion.

The result was a highly successful brand promotion activity for Ricola and a seamless collaboration with an important partner.

Noise Agency has continued to deliver this activity at all Swiss Tourist Board Events ever since!

Ricola Sweet Bowl

Ricola Sampling Stand

Ricola Sampling team

Another successful World Travel Market has passed, and we are already looking forward to attending in the future

The collaboration with Ricola was fantastic, we had lots of positive feedback from our stand visitors and the team continued handing out Ricola with a big smiling and energy throughout!

Thank you very much for your support.

Ricola Sampling Activity

Ricola Sampling Activity

Ricola Promotion

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