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Call tracking

Call tracking is a powerful application that enables the monitoring of all calls generated by your website and records not only the call itself, but also extremely useful data about the call and the user including:

  • Source (Organic search, PPC, direct etc.)
  • Keywords (where applicable)
  • New vs returning
  • Which pages of your website were viewed before, during and after the call

Call Tracking

Other features include

  • Audio recording of every call
  • Conversion tracking
  • Call duration
  • Missed call alerts
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Integration with bespoke call centre management software

The system automatically generates and displays a unique telephone number for each unique site user, and once they have placed a call to your business, records the key information about that user and their visit. It can also be used to generate static numbers for use in printed or static advertisements which enables you to measure exactly how many phone enquires an offline advertisement has generated.

Noise will install all necessary tracking codes onto your website and provide the brand team with access to the call-tracking dashboard, where they will be able to monitor all calls made and listen to a recording of each call to see how they were handled internally.

Noise will also configure any single numbers as required and arrange for full integration with Google Analytics.   


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