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Garic are an award-winning provider of on-site solutions for the construction industry, from welfare and accommodation units to dust control and wheel cleaning. Over the past two years Garic have undergone a major transformation: expanding in to new sectors and launching new products.

Garic needed marketing and promotional communications that could match the ambition and quality of its rapidly expanding business. The Noise team have a long-standing relationship with Garic, and we were thrilled when they asked us to support them during this demanding period.


Garic Brand Guidelines
Garic Brand Guidelines Logos
Garic Brand Guidelines Text
Garic Brand Stationery


The core of Garic’s business was the provision of British-built welfare units for construction sites, and they had an established reputation for good service and trusted, high-quality products in this area.

In 2015 the company decided to extend its offer to provide a comprehensive range of on-site solutions and Noise took on the challenge of taking this exciting expanded proposition to new sectors.

After reviewing Garic’s communications, we got to work creating marketing materials that could communicate the breadth of the new product range, while maintaining the quality look and feel, along with the trusted customer service, for which the business was well known.

Garic Hire Catalogue Design
Garic Sales Catalogue Design
Garic Tower Lights
Garic Wheel Wash
Garic Environment
Garic Dust Control
Garic connect covers
Garic Connect Spread


We delivered their brand guidelines and product advertisements, along with new sales and product brochures. These marketing assets are not only bigger than before, they are full of useful information, clearly delivered, ensuring that the customer’s experience of Garic’s service is a positive one from the moment they pick up a catalogue.

This is the first time we have attended All-Energy, we will definitely be back next year. It was a really positive and informative forum at which to meet and exchange ideas.

Garic Stand Sketch
Garic Stand


One of the most important new additions to Garic’s range is the Comi-Cabin Eco Series Plus – a revolutionary, completely solar powered welfare cabin that is the first of its type in the UK. The Combi-Cabin slashes running costs and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 88%.

Garic saw an opportunity to market the Combi-Cabin to the renewable energy sector, a booming market but one which the company had no experience in. They booked to exhibit at the All-Energy show, the biggest renewable energy and sustainable technologies showcase in the UK, in May 2016 and commissioned Noise to manage the design and delivery of the stand.

Garic Stand Photo


The Noise team took care of Garic’s presence at the exhibition, from the first design sketches to on-the-day promotion. Our goal was to make sure Garic got the greatest possible return for their money by raising the company’s profile in a sector where they were relatively unknown.

We brought experience and knowledge of the energy sector to the project and combined this with our in-depth knowledge of Garic’s own business to create a stand that would showcase Garic’s strengths and resonate with the nearly 7,000 visitors to the event.

During the event Garic had a series of highly effective business development meetings and discussions with major players including power generation companies such as Enercon, Scottish Power and EON and welcomed many more to its stand.

Garic Van Livery Design
Garic Van Side Livery Design
Garic Van Front Livery Design

Vehicle Livery

An updated livery for the company’s vehicle fleet that showcases the range of Garic’s products in a simple, bold design, so that the brand remains recognisable and distinctive wherever it goes.


The event was another successful step in Garic’s development from an established supplier of welfare facilities, to a solutions provider offering a broad range of innovative, sustainable site equipment. Noise are proud to be helping Garic achieve its goals by producing consistently high quality communications, designed to deliver results.

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