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The World Cup draw is done and dusted, the groups have been decided and all eyes have turned to next summer's tournament. Will England bow out in the quarter-finals? Will Germany triumph again? Can Argentina spring a surprise?

Here is your chance to predict how next summer's tournament will finish. Can you predict the correct scores of the matches, the winners of each knockout round and your triumphant finalist?

Pitch your predictions against friends and colleagues. Create leagues and collect points to see who comes out on top – this your very own, exclusive tournament!

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Internal World Cup Predictor

The World Cup Predictor has been created to connect your employees, encouraging conversation and friendly competition.

Employees can compete in a National league or in Sub-leagues split by department, depot, or however you see fit. With the capacity to offer prizes, the World Cup Predictor can engage all employees regardless of their knowledge, or even, interest in the football itself. In particular, the World Cup Predictor is really useful for large scale companies with depots spread across the UK or beyond, employee engagement and creating a sense of community within the organisation can be easily achieved.

Create your league today, sure in the knowledge that nothing unites employees like an international event and the chance to be top of the scoreboards!

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External/Internal World Cup Predictor

In addition to the benefits above in uniting your internal teams, expanding this offer to your clients and potential customers, the World Cup Predictor can deliver so much more!

With the facility to customise elements with your brand, logos and messages, it aids in increasing brand visibility and engagement. Similarly, in connecting employees, is there a better way to foster strong client relationships than through sport and moderate competition? The World Cup Predictor helps with customer relations, which ultimately can improve sales and customer retention. With unlimited users able to register to your unique subdomain, the World Cup Predictor is a great way to collect new contact details for marketing purposes.

What are you waiting for? Kick-off is only weeks away, get your employees and clients signed up and let the games begin!


Rewarding your contestants

Prize information for contestant set by league or client. Prize breakdown could be by National winner or by depot or department league.


Leader Boards

Interactive leader table and performance statistics. Sub leagues can be created by depot or department. Once each game has finished the leaderboards are automatically updated.



Customizable branding pods with core contact details and social media links.



Dynamic countdown displays how long contestants have until the next score submission deadline.



Scores can be updated up to 15 minutes before each game and then disabled to prevent changes.


Results updated in real-time

Dynamic results and reports from every game.


Building Followers

Branding on every page with links to websites and social media.


Email Notifications

Email notifications are sent before games to remind participants to update their scores. Branding and company messages can be applied to enhance brand engagement.

The Activation

The activation is simple to execute, the football predictor will be hosted on a subdomain e.g. and will feature your company logos. The site is built to be responsive to all devices (phone, tablet, desktop.)

New users will be asked to register, or existing users can log in easily. If the predictor is offered to external sources this will be a good source for collecting contact marketing details.

World Cup 2022 Football Predictor Competition

For information on the World Cup 2022 Football Predictor competition, please visit our dedicated website below.

World Cup 2022 Football Predictor


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