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At Noise we’re a multi-disciplined marketing agency however a large amount of our experience was gained in the sales promotion arena. We employ a team of industry leading specialists who are adept at identifying, creating and delivering a wide range of sales promotion, consumer incentives, partnerships and loyalty programmes. Our key areas of expertise include:

On Pack Promotions

We offer a range of different types of on-pack sales promotions, covering the following categories: Premium promotions; Trial Incentive; Prize draws; Competitions; and Instant win promotions

Click to Win

Over the years we’ve created and implemented hundreds of Click to Win programmes for major names. This online instant win mechanic is a tried and tested way to accelerate product sales and gather data when participants answer relevant, basic questions before entering their unique reference code from the promotional material (packaging, leaflet etc). As a result, we’ve helped major companies gain valuable information and develop a more consumer focused, interactive brand experience.


Scratchcard promotions are often perceived by consumers to be the most open form of prize promotion, as the promoter has no say in who wins or where they come from.

Noise Agency understand both the legalities and logistics of creating and managing a scratchcard promotion, including card design, secure printing and random distribution.

We are also able to increase the perceived value of your promotion many fold by calculating the chances of prize claims and underwriting the risks. This allows you to legitimately offer a considerable prize fund for a significantly smaller investment.

Prize Promotions

With many years’ experience of prize promotions, covering a wide range of major household names and an equally wide range of prize budgets.

Noise Agency are able to successfully execute, elaborate, interactive promotions aligned with a product and its attributes, to simple instant win prize draws, we can create a promotion to suit any product or any budget.

We can offer a range of simple to administer mechanics including text to win, online entry codes, coupon based prize draws, unique reference codes, along with more creative executions which involve customers in a more imaginative and interactive way.

Our creative team will use their experience to match the style of prize promotion to your product and your potential customers, as well as ensuring that your promotion delivers the result you require, whether that’s data capture, increased sales or simply high level publicity and PR.

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