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As a dynamic multi-disciplined marketing agency, we have amassed substantial expertise in the sales promotion domain. Our team, comprised of industry-leading specialists, excels in crafting and executing an extensive array of sales promotion strategies, consumer incentives, partnerships, and loyalty programs. Our competencies encompass the following key areas:

On Pack Promotions

Offering an array of on-pack sales promotions across various categories, including premium promotions, trial incentives, prize draws, competitions, and instant win promotions.

Click to Win

With a rich history of developing and deploying Click to Win programs for renowned brands, we have perfected this online instant win mechanism. Participants engage by responding to pertinent questions before entering a unique reference code from promotional material. This proven method not only boosts product sales but also gathers invaluable consumer data, delivering an enhanced consumer-centric, interactive brand experience.

Prize Promotions

Armed with years of experience spanning major household names and diverse prize budgets, we orchestrate an array of prize promotions tailored to your product's essence. Our experience ranges from interactive, attribute-aligned promotions to straightforward instant win prize draws. Our mechanics encompass user-friendly options such as text-to-win, online entry codes, coupon-based prize draws, unique reference codes, and imaginative, interactive executions that captivate and purposefully engage with audiences.

Tailored Creativity and Result-Driven Expertise

The creative capability of our team ensures that your prize promotion style seamlessly aligns with your product and target audience. Whether your goal is data capture, sales surge, or heightened publicity, we are dedicated to delivering outcomes that precisely align with your objectives.

Our expertise in sales promotion, coupled with innovative strategies, guarantees unparalleled results. Elevate your brand's success today by partnering with Noise Agency. Contact us to embark on a journey of amplified sales, heightened consumer engagement, and enduring brand prominence.

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