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Taziker have been operating for over 50 years within the infrastructure industry. They have expanded their service capabilities to build a reputation as one of the leading multi-disciplinary engineering specialists in the UK. Operating across a variety of sectors, they offer a self-delivery capability through an in-house team.

With specialist expertise Taziker work on some of the most varied and iconic structures in the UK. This diversified offering, across a variety of projects evidences their commitment to building trusted relationships with clients through a collaborative approach, while continuously investing in and developing their people.

Our brief was to introduce a new brand identity that reflected the company philosophy and elevated their reputation of engineering excellence with authority. We worked creatively and collaboratively with Taziker management, communications, sales and marketing to produce distinctive and consistent branding that works across both traditional and modern media, blending simplicity and clarity with a reassuring sense of experience and expertise.


Film solutions

To promote Taziker’s consistent engineering excellence across a range of sectors, we produced a series of ‘Case Study’ film projects. 

We also produced, story boarded and directed a series of on-site safety, induction and training films, including an important ‘Covid film’, to keep all contractors safe on-site every day.

Taziker Website

Website & Social media

Noise Agency are highly experienced and qualified in creating potent social campaigns across all platforms. 

We produce highly effective campaigns that promote engagement and conversation for the brand with potential customers and industry experts. Understanding the variety of channels and key attributes for each one, enables us to execute a potent campaign with accurate measurements and performance reporting.

Taziker Brochure
Taziker Brochure
Taziker Poster
Taziker Advert
Taziker Site Safety

Taziker company communications

By introducing a robust brand identity across all mediums, including sales presentations, filming projects, advertising and on-site, we have ensured that the brand is immediately recognised within their operating sectors. 

Branding doesn’t stop with the identity; we also worked with Taziker on the brand philosophy and assisted employees with internal communications. Explaining the strategy and elevating the brand within the company is an important step in gaining engagement and ensuring the whole company shares the same vision and values.

Multi-disciplinary marketing support

The team at Noise Agency are always looking how we can elevate the brands we work for. To discuss your requirements contact the team now.

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