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There are few more effective ways of expanding your customer base than offering free samples as part of an experiential marketing event.

Noise Agency can arrange every aspect of your promotion, from interior stands to exterior trailers, hand-picked brand ambassadors to supermarket and shopping centre bookings. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals have arranged experiential marketing events in a wide variety of unusual locations, including the famous atria of Asda and Sainsbury’s Head Office at Holborn in London, where we placed our clients’ products in front of some of the most influential buyers in Britain.

The same innovative and imaginative stand designs can ensure that you stand out from the competition at key exhibitions and conferences. Noise Agency can deliver and manage every aspect of your exhibition presence, from stand staff and promotions teams to giveaways and corporate literature for visitors to take away.

An important aspect of both our sampling and exhibition activity is measurable results and to illustrate a genuine return on your investments. From coupon redemption in store to website visits and registrations, we have the confidence in our packages to provide you with real results.


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