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The Project Deliverables

Customer engagement, brand awareness, social media marketing, customer intelligence gathering, raising the profile of Bathroom Takeaway as a fun company to do business with.

Bathroom Takeaway is a supplier of fitted bathrooms and individual bathroom and plumbing products. They have a light, fun image, reflected in their logo and the strapline 'as easy as 1-2-3'.

Noise have worked with the company at two major events, firstly at Irlam Live, to promote their existing store in Manchester, and secondly at the Big Family Festival in Sutton Coldfield, to promote the opening of their new store in the town. The aim of both promotions was to raise awareness of the brand in a fun and engaging way, not only with the crowds at the events themselves, but also with their friends and followers on social media. Bathroom Takeaway was also keen to use the opportunity to survey the buying preferences of potential customers.


Reaching the local market

Irlam Live

Irlam Live is an annual music festival, which takes place every June in Prince's Park, Irlam. It attracts a top class line up, which this year included Toyah, The Stranglers and a host of 80s and 90s acts, such as Go West, Republica and 5Star. The 2017 event had been attended by 8,000 local people, and the 2018 version was set to be even bigger, creating a captive audience for Bathroom Takeaway. The event was chosen because of its close proximity to the Bathroom Takeaway warehouse, just nine miles away in Salford.

The Big Family Festival

The Big Family Festival is a hugely popular event held at Dunton Hall, Sutton Coldfield every July. Spread over three days, it includes over a hundred different family friendly activities, from shows featuring Sooty and Basil Brush, to workshops teaching everything from DJ skills to dancing. As main sponsors of the event, Bathroom Takeaway wanted to make a big splash at the event to publicise the launch of their new store, engaging and entertaining residents of Sutton Coldfield and the wider West Midlands beyond.

The Big Family Festival

Reaching the local market

A visible presence

Standing out amongst the star attractions at a busy festival is never easy, and the Noise team knew that it would take something very special to get the attention away from the likes of Toyah or Paddington Bear. To achieve this, we took a multi-faceted approach, combining a stand-out big blue bus and a promotions team dressed in inflatable bath costumes that were difficult to ignore. We even added a uniquely silly and slimy game to our activities at the Big Family Festival, to fit in with the fun family-friendly feel of the event (though turned out it was the adults who were the most competitive in the end, not the kids!).

Bathroom Takeaway Engagement
Bathroom Takeaway Engagement
Bathroom Takeaway Engagement
Bathroom Takeaway Engagement
Bathroom Takeaway Engagement
Bathroom Takeaway Engagement

Making a splash

At both events, our brilliant promotions team toured the crowds dressed as full sized baths, complete with giant yellow rubber ducks. These hugely original and outrageous costumes naturally attracted loads of attention, with families and festival goers queuing up to pose with the team in the tubs.

Everyone who had their picture taken by our Bathroom Takeaway Photobooth App was asked for their email address so that we could send them their photo, and everyone was given a 5% off voucher to spend in-store at Bathroom Takeaway.

Getting gunky

Our Bath Slime Challenge at the Big Family Festival set each contestant against the clock to dig around in our slime filled bath to search for sunken treasure. This was an hilarious and hugely engaging promotional activity that not only drew a large number of contestants, but also attracted large crowds of onlookers, all photographing and posting the fun on social media, spreading awareness of the event, and of Bathroom Takeaway, far beyond the event itself. The winner each day won a Go Ape pass, with all participants receiving Bathroom Takeaway leaflets and some bubbles to continue the fun!

Getting gunky

Cleaning up

At each event our team toured the crowds, distributing leaflets and posing for pictures, interacting with thousands of potential customers. Hundreds of photos were taken reaching thousands of followers on social media, using the hashtag #bathroomtakeawayontour. The Bath Slime Challenge generated even more interaction and insane images for us to post.

But it didn't stop there. To access their photograph, customers were invited to answer a short survey covering topics such as their bathroom buying choices (online, in-store etc), their potential price range and their immediate plans.

Bathroom Takeaway Crowd 2
Bathroom Takeaway Crowd 3

A suite success

Our roving team of tubs, and our crazy slimy challenge, exceeded the client's expectations on every level, not only gathering great data for their future marketing, but also creating a real social media buzz around the Bathroom Takeaway brand, raising awareness of both the existing store and the new store opening in Sutton Coldfield.

By combining a novel approach, with a team of lively, engaging staff, Noise managed to deliver a considerable volume of positive publicity, create customer engagement and generate a level of goodwill towards the brand that no amount of traditional advertising could ever hope to deliver.

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