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Raising a glass to Aperol

Aperol is one of the many brands of Campari UK Limited. The drink is a classic Italian bitter apéritif made of gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona. Its vibrant orange colour makes it a popular summer drink, especially when diluted with soda or lemonade to make an Aperol Spritz, but it can also be enjoyed all year round, particularly during the festive season.

The brand is growing in the UK drinks market, but is still not well known, so the company needed a promotion that would raise its profile, boost brand awareness and encourage new customers to try the drink.

It was time to make some Noise...

Aperol Free Glass Promotion Box

Free glass promotion

Aperol wanted a strong point of sale promotion that would deliver a high perceived value reward for purchase and drive multiple and repeat purchases if possible. They also wanted an agency that could deliver the entire promotion from start to finish, including fulfilment and distribution.

Noise worked with Aperol to create a free glass promotion. This offered a free, Aperol branded glass, which was perfectly sized for mixing and enjoying an Aperol Spritz. One free glass was available with every purchase of a promotional bottle of Aperol aperitif.

A dynamic mechanic

Noise created eye-catching and engaging microsite where customers could redeem their code and claim their glass.

This portal collected customer data, including their email and home address, along with GDPR compliant permission to use this data for marketing purposes in the future. The free glass was not conditional on agreeing to receive marketing.

Aperol Free Glass Website
Aperol Free Glass Promotional Reporting
Aperol Free Glass Promotional Reporting 2

A complete service

Noise administered the promotion on behalf of Aperol, collecting customer data and fulfilling and delivering the free glass offer. The resulting fresh and accurate database was then passed on to Aperol for future marketing purposes.

Crucially, Noise provided the promotion on a fixed fee basis, which meant that Aperol were protected in the event that the promotion was over-redeemed compared to expected levels. Noise agreed to fulfil and distribute as many glasses as needed to meet demand.

Our experience with similar promotions meant that we were able to accurately predict redemption rates, removing any element of risk for the promoter and delivering the peace of mind of a fixed price package.

The Results

Thousands of bottle collars were printed and distributed during the promotion period of September to December – the key pre-Christmas sales period for the drinks industry.

Of these thousands of bottle collars, several thousands of free glass codes were redeemed, delivering an impressive uptake of the free glass offer.

Aperol were delighted with the success of the promotion, which fulfilled all of their campaign objectives affectively at an affordable price.

Not only did the promotion increase sales and encourage new customers to try the drink, it also left Aperol with a useful marketing database of active, engaged customers, which they can use to maintain the momentum created by the offer.

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