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The Project Deliverables

Rebranding (including workshopping, design, brand guidelines, mission statement), Website Development (including three regional sites and a new global site, translation and production of online catalogues) Brand Launch (including internal and external communications, PR and social media management) Film Production and Ongoing Marketing (including SEO, PPC campaigns, social media and blogs).

The lifting gear hire company, LGH, was launched in Manchester in 1970 and has since spread around the world, with 29 locations in six countries including Europe, Canada and the United States.

The growth of the company has not been without its challenges, not least of which were issues with the company name. Originally known as Lifting Gear Hire, this led to confusion in certain markets, especially the United States, where the term ‘rental’ is more frequently used for equipment, with ‘hire’ reserved for people. With ambitious expansion plans, the company needed a rebrand that both reflected its strong position in the global market and translated effectively across national boundaries.

Noise were involved in this rebranding process from the very start, working closely with the existing LGH businesses across the globe to create engagement in the process and thus ensure commitment to the new branding. Together we produced a modern brand approach that delivered a unified look and feel across the company, and created a visual presence suited to the digital marketing environment.


With well-established businesses in the United States, Europe and the UK, each with their own unique approach, separate challenges and specialist marketplace, it was essential that any rebranding project brought all stakeholders on board from the start. Noise facilitated a series of workshops with the business managers from across the globe to assess their current opinion of the brand, its perceived limitations and their ambitions for how the company would be seen, both locally and globally, going forward. These workshops helped the company and the agency to get under the skin of LGH to understand in detail what was required from the new brand.

Through this process, and working closely with the management team, we were able to identify and refine the company mission statement and strapline, establish the visual route for the rebrand and move the project forward with the support of all areas of the business.

Creative Design

The challenge with any rebranding of an established company is to create something fresh and new without losing the essential brand recognition built up over many years. The design team at Noise worked with the existing brand to create a look and a logo that had many recognisable elements, while still creating a bold new image that was suited to both the global and digital environments.

The new branding was an evolution that would still be recognised as Lifting Gear Hire, but which would deliver a new dynamic to the business as a world leader in its field. Once again, this was developed with full consultation and cooperation of the management team from all LGH businesses worldwide.

We established set corporate colours and drew up clear and concise brand guidelines that would ensure the new branding was applied consistently across all areas of the business and all brand assets. This included van livery, equipment branding, staff uniforms, local, national and international advertising, websites and social media. A corporate video explaining the importance of the brand guidelines was also produced to reinforce the need for consistent application.

LGH Logo
LGH Website
LGH Website Desktop

Website Design and Development

The LGH website design presented unique challenges, as each separate region of the company had its own existing website, its own history and its own way of doing business with its customers. Noise created three distinct regional websites to cater for these differences, each reflecting the local business environment, while at the same time, bringing each region in line with the new international approach. These websites were designed to generate the maximum number of hire enquiries and allow customers to view and book products using online catalogues.

In addition, Noise created a new global LGH site, designed to present LGH as the world leaders in lifting. This site demonstrated the wide range of experience and expertise of the company, across a huge number of sectors, clearly establishing them as the experts in lifting gear hire. This global website was translated into Dutch, French and German to cater for the European market, as well as American English for the US market.

LGH Brand Guidelines Cover
LGH Brand Guidelines Internal
LGH Brand Guidelines

Brand Launch

As explained above, it was as important to launch the new brand successfully internally as it was to launch the new look to the external market. Noise worked closely with LGH to create a series of announcements, newsletters and emails to make sure everyone in the company was fully aware of both the changes and the rationale behind them, wherever they were based in the world. We helped LGH to use this opportunity to motivate and invigorate their workforce, creating pride in the company and inspiring excitement and optimism for future developments.

Noise created a PR strategy for the external brand launch, to capitalise on LGH’s investment by generating as much publicity as possible for the company and its bold vision for the future. This campaign included all the major industry publications, raising the profile of LGH and reaffirming its place in the international lifting gear market. The brand launch strategy also included direct advertising and a high profile launch on social media.


Corporate Film

Noise also produced a flagship corporate video which was produced in several languages, which appears on the home page of each website. This inspiring footage underpins the worldwide reach of the company, its vision and values and its exciting plans for expansion into new markets. The footage includes staff from LGH branches across the world to create a tangible sense of LGH as a truly global company.

Shorter edits were also produced for use on social media and sales presentations.

Internal Film

A series of internal films were produced and played a major role in the launch campaign by introducing the new branding together with the company’s vision for the future to all employees. These were produced with focussed footage featuring the local teams for each country of operation to make the films more personal and impactful.

LGH Advert

Ongoing Marketing

Following a hugely successful launch, Noise has continued to work with LGH to maintain the high levels of brand awareness generated by the rebrand. This has included a comprehensive programme of social media management, including LinkedIn and Facebook, creating relevant and engaging news stories that keep LGH front of mind for all potential customers and underline the company’s experience and expertise across the industry.

Noise not only creates the copy and concepts for this activity, but also manages the social media strategy to ensure the widest possible reach and deliver the very best return on investment. This includes both organic social media, using the company’s own channels, as well as paid social media posts, using selected external channels to target specific audiences and campaign objectives.

In addition, Noise maintains a monthly search engine optimisation programme to ensure that the four LGH sites are ranking as highly as possible, along with PPC campaigns to drive even more traffic to the sites.

Real Results

LGH have been delighted with the results of their rebranding and the associated launch campaign. They were aware of the challenges of uniting a diverse business and have been impressed with the way in which Noise managed to bring all the diverse stakeholders on board from the start, and kept them engaged and excited throughout the process.

Feedback has been hugely positive across the board, from staff to suppliers, and most importantly customers, with the wider industry responding very positively to the campaign.

More tangibly, Noise has significantly raised awareness and engagement, with visitor traffic to the LGH websites up by over 500%

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