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The Project Deliverables

On Pack Promotions, Increase sales, Encourage Product Trial, Engage Customers, Reward Purchase, establish good habits at start of school year, create positive link between the brand and supporting children at school.


A parent’s best friend, a kid’s favourite

Whaoo! Is a chocolate filled crepe that is a popular snack in school lunchboxes across the UK. Individually wrapped, convenient and nutritious, they are a hit with parents trying to get their kids to eat well at lunchtime, and with a delicious chocolate centre, they are a hit with kids too.

Already a popular product, stocked in Morrisons, Tesco Express, Co-Op and Ocado Online stores, the Whaoo! Manufacturer, Norac Foods, wanted to use the start of a new school year to raise the profile of the product further, to boost sales and establish Whaoo! as a regular lunchbox staple. Naturally, they turned to Noise to get the attention they needed…

Whaoo! kindle prize
Whaoo! Stationery Prize
Whaoo! Coupon Prize

WIN Back to school essentials

Norac Foods were keen to generate excitement with an on pack, winning moments promotion that would engage children and their parents alike. Noise suggested a set of prizes that would not only be attractive to both target audiences, but also create a positive link between the brand and support for school children.

Prizes were chosen that would reflect positively on the brand, including Kindle Fire tablets, to encourage reading, and a Whaoo! branded stationery sets, ideal for the new school year.

The on pack promotion covered thousands of packs, delivered to stores over 4-6 weeks. The competition was designed to run throughout the school summer holidays, commencing on June 15th. This would firmly establish the product as a habit ready for the start of term in September, and continue through to the end of the year.

Whaoo! Devices

winning moments

The production process prevented the use of a standard 'Click to Win' promotional mechanic. To achieve the same 'instant win' result and excitement Noise delivered a 'Winning Moments' entry method.

To participate, consumers simply entered a valid barcode from any Whaoo! product. Winners were determined by the time and date of entry with a schedule of ‘Winning Moments’ automatically  pre-determined.

There are thousands of winning moments throughout the promotion!

Noise took care of every stage of the promotion, from the website design and prize code validation through to prize procurement, handing and fulfilment and pack sticker production.

We also handled all of the legal requirements of the promotion, including legal approval by the IPM, management of a no purchase necessary route, validation of winning claims and strict monitoring of all promotional materials.

We promoted Winning Moments via social media to generate interest amongst the targeted family audience. This was supported with eye-catching point of sale collateral to prompt recall of the promotion and trigger purchase in store.

The promotion was structured in a way that would engage the Whaoo! customers over a long period, prompting multiple purchases. With five independently chosen ‘winning moments’ every day, it offered hundreds of opportunities to win a prize.

The Result

The result was a high-profile, cost-effective campaign. It generated excitement and engagement with two distinct target groups, over an extended period.

Not only has the campaign boosted sales significantly, it has also built on the Whaoo! brand concept of ‘a parent’s best friend, a kid’s favourite’, by creating a positive association between the brand and back to school support.

The client was impressed by Noise’s ability to deliver a fully managed campaign, from start to finish, including regular, real-time reporting. This full-service approach makes professional, hassle-free promotions available to all, delivering a complete competition package and exceptional value for money.

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