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Established in 1991, the British Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre (BTRC) was the UK’s first charity dedicated to ex-racehorse welfare, retraining, rehoming and protection. In 25 years the BTRC has rehomed hundreds of horses and established a blueprint for the welfare of retired racehorses.

To continue to develop its activities and improve its educational capabilities, the charity decided to expand its premises at Halton, Lancashire, to include a unique new training facility. The Sir Peter O’Sullevan Thoroughbred Education Centre, named in honour of the charity’s former patron, will be the first facility in Britain to provide education in the special requirements of thoroughbreds, for veterinary and equestrian students, riders and industry professionals.

The BTRC commissioned Noise to help them share this exciting new project with their community. The charity asked us to design and produce a high quality brochure to inform people of their plans and invite donors to support the new centre. The challenge was to create a document that would encourage people to support the project, without being ostentatious or placing too much emphasis on securing financial contributions.

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Understated excellence

After getting to know the charity and learning more about their work, the Noise team were amazed by the support and services that the BTRC provides and inspired by the team’s dedication and expertise. It was clear to us that their work requires no exaggeration or hyperbole. We were confident that we could produce a brochure that would inspire donors to want to be a part of the new project by describing the charity’s plans in a compelling, detailed narrative with a personal tone and elegant design.

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Cohesive sensitive design

We worked closely with project team at BTRC and Harrison Pitt Architects who are overseeing the development to make sure that we had a thorough understanding of their plans for the centre, before getting to work planning, designing and writing the brochure.

Having design and copy writing expertise in house enables us to make sure that each element of the publications we produce share a cohesive style and tone. We themed the design of the BTRC brochure around the concept of a “blueprint for the future”, which the BTRC aims to provide through its work. We selected a colour palette of understated blue and grey tones, a traditional typeface and a landscape format that allowed space to showcase the architect’s visualisations of the new buildings. We also commissioned evocative line drawings for the opening pages of the brochure, to spark the reader’s imagination and capture the innovative vision for the Centre.

At Noise we pride ourselves on thoughtful details that make our materials stand out from the crowd. For BTRC’s brochure we wanted to make sure that anyone receiving the brochure had a sense of the project’s ambition and importance from the moment they picked up the publication. We selected a tactile matt and gloss for the brochure’s cover, providing the perfect finish to the publication.

The finished brochure is not only an informative and detailed account of the BTRC’s plans for the future, it is also a compelling invitation to join them on the exciting journey they are about to embark on. We were certainly proud to be part of this inspirational project.

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