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Just Kitchens is a new company in Lancaster that have a prominent showroom on the main one way system through the city centre. They get a good footfall through the showroom from local people, but their web presence was poor; delivering no new enquiries and creating no new customers.

They approached us initially, to help them with a new website, but after meeting with their team, we realised a more thorough branding and communications exercise was needed, in order for any work on the website to be successful. We wanted the website to generate enough interest as a stand alone marketing tool, as well as encouraging customer visits to the showroom.

The team at Just Kitchens wanted the website to work in three ways.

  1. To reinforce the German brand Pronorm
  2. Establish Just Kitchens as the market leader of mid price kitchen design and installation
  3. Convert new enquiries from the site into showroom visitors

We really wanted to add personality to the brand and want Just Kitchens to be so much more than just a company with a good looking showroom.

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It is also vital that Just Kitchens are quickly established as the authority on the subject of mid market kitchens within the Lancaster area and beyond. We also needed to establish their brand on the website and throughout their showroom. We initially met and discussed the unique selling points, the brand colours and the overall design of the website. We wanted the pages on the website to "come alive" and stress the lifestyle choices behind the kitchen decision making process. We used characters, scenarios and case studies to exemplify the processes and procedures behind the buyers’ journey.

Our expert team of copywriters used emotive and warm words so the that the text was engaging to the reader, brought fun to the subject and ensured that each page was not just a factual piece about worktops, sinks, furniture and appliances. The results are a website that describes the whole buying process, the design and concept of the "living space", as well as the relationship between the staff at Just Kitchens and the customer. It’s sleek in design, with great imagery alongside a "storybook" text that illustrates how a dream kitchen from Just Kitchens can improve your home, living space and lifestyle.

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