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When developing a brand identity, the creative process visualises everything that the brand stands for, It tells your story. The process involves articulating your brand essence in words and visuals making your strategy and values visible in the marketplace.

Stage 1 – Exploration

This stage includes exploring all aspects of identity design - intent, typography, colourways and iconography which will support the design process.  We will explore different design routes to show how the brand could be presented. These ideas will initially focus on how we will bring the new identity to life through capturing the values and vision and key attributes in the creative. The results will be presented for feedback.

Stage 2 – Design Delivery

This stage shapes the voice, essence and positioning elements of the brand and the execution of the design. Through discussion and collaboration, we will decide which images and content will be progressed to final artwork.

Stage 3 - Concept Refinement

Following the selection of a preferred design route the refinement stage will show how the chosen design will be completed. Final amends and client sign off prior to final artwork delivery. Options on the final communication elements will also be determined (brochure, online, film etc.)

Marketing Campaign Index

  • Brand development
  • Mission Statement | Strapline
  • Logo Design
  • Stationery
  • Sales Literature
  • Signage | POS
  • Commercial Website
  • PR
  • SEO & PPC
  • E-bulletins and Newsletters
  • Social Media



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