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Ricola Box

Ricola's Swiss heritage is an essential ingredient in their global success. In spring 2017 the sweet manufacturer approached Noise with an idea for the launch of an international promotional campaign that would take the Ricola brand to consumers all over the world – and take consumers all the way to Switzerland.

The ambitious campaign centred around a touring 'Yodel Box' featuring Walter, a friendly Swiss yodeller, who would invite consumers to 'yodel themselves to Switzerland'. The goal was to reach new customers across Europe and worldwide and to promote Ricola sugar-free sweets as an authentic, relevant product for the health-conscious consumer.

Noise have worked with Ricola and their PR agency Amaze before, with excellent results - so the Ricola team knew we had the 'can-do' attitude and technical experience necessary to turn their bold idea into a reality.

We were entrusted with taking the campaign off the drawing board and running the first Yodel Box event in the world here in the UK. We laid the groundwork, ironing out glitches and creating a smooth-running process for the activity in London, so that it could be rolled out again and again in other countries. 

It was a challenging brief with many logistical hurdles to overcome, but we really enjoyed working with Ricola again. And the results speak volumes - literally!


Location, location

Ricola's Yodel Box is an interactive video booth which invites consumers to 'yodel themselves to Switzerland' by singing the Ricola jingle. The machine captures video content of each yodel and uploads it to a dedicated site ( where members of the public can view the videos and vote for their favourite. The yodeller with the most votes wins a trip to Switzerland.

We knew that to get maximum impact in a short space of time we would need to run the activity in a location that had high footfall and good visibility for PR. Noise secured a three-day position on the main concourse at Victoria Station, London - an ideal location right in the heart of the capital, with a daily footfall of 350,000 commuters, many of whom are likely to fit Ricola's target consumer base.

Drawing The Crowds

The Noise team project managed the production of the activity from start to finish. We set up a bold, bright stand to show case the Ricola brand and recruited an energetic, cheerful team to run the activity and distribute samples. We also handled the delivery of the yodel box from Switzerland to London and its successful installation in the station.

The stand and our dedicated team were enormously successful in attracting the attention of the crowds of commuters and tourists flooding through the station. Over 300 people tried their hand at yodelling and over 60,000 Ricola sugar free sweets were sampled. The stand was buzzing for the full three days with people talking to the team, sampling sweets, taking selfies and of course yodelling!

Once again your energy, enthusiasm and professionalism helped to create a hugely successful event that everyone involved should be proud of. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the Ricola brand.

A touch of London glamour

Amaze PR commissioned actress and musical star Michelle Collins to join the team for the first day of yodelling. This drew big crowds to the Yodel Box and generated valuable interactions on social media. It also helped to secure listings on six of London's leading 'what's on' guides, with a combined total of over 11 million unique visits per month. Photographs of Michelle featuring Ricola branding appeared online 18 times and the story was covered by the Sun online, which receives 54.8 million views per month.

A touch of London glamour
Ricola Michelle Collins
Michelle Collins and Ricola
Selfies and sharing

Selfies and sharing

Social media was a critical, and highly successful, part of the campaign. The official launch of the Yodel Box was live streamed on Facebook Live, receiving 30,000 views in the first three days and competition entrants were encouraged to share pictures using the #Ricolala. To boost the social potential of the event, Noise created some fun Ricola-branded photo frames and selfie sticks to encourage people to capture and share their visit to the stand on social media.

Making every interaction count

Noise are always looking for ways to get maximum value from every activity we run for our clients, and that means paying careful attention to the details. We trained our team of staff to deliver key messages about Ricola's products throughout, ensuring that every interaction we had with members of the public over three days were high quality and on-message. We knew that many of the individuals passing through the station would be London professionals, so we tapped in to the capital's appetite for healthy products by emphasising Ricola sweets' delicious sugar-free recipe and vitamin content. We also recorded valuable customer feedback on Ricola products that can be used in future campaigns.

Ricola Team
Ricola interaction
Ricola Talk
Ricola Trial


The Victoria event was an ideal launch for Ricola's global campaign – a high-energy, shareable and popular activity that provided many opportunities for quality interactions with potential consumers. It was exciting to be part of the early stages of the project and to play a key part in turning Ricola's idea in to a reality. We drew on our substantial experience in managing live events and our knowledge of the Ricola brand to make sure that every practical detail was taken care of, from station photography permits and electrical checks, down to the last branded selfie stick. And did we yodel? You'll have to visit the website to find out:

Thanks again for the great teamwork on the Ricola Yodel Box. It was really inspiring and great working together

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