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Sugar-free success for Ricola

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2016 began with a media storm over the sugar tax, a mounting awareness of the health impacts of high sugar diets and the usual annual rush to start the New Year with a health kick. For Ricola, a Swiss sweet manufacturer who have been making mouth-wateringly tasty sugar-free sweets for over 20 years, the national backlash against sugar presented an unmissable marketing opportunity. They asked Amaze PR and Noise Agency to help them make the most of it.

Ricola wanted to boost their brand profile in the UK and raise awareness of their sugar free products. Noise collaborated with Amaze to develop a promotional campaign that delivered on these goals through a combination of a live sampling event, social media activity and a nationwide press campaign. It was captioned as the 'Ricola Sugar Swap'.

Standing out in the crowd

The sampling experience was planned for January 2016, to tap in to consumers' New Year's healthy eating resolutions. For two days our enthusiastic team invited shoppers in the Arndale Centre, Manchester, to swap their sugary snacks for a free packet of Ricola sugar free sweets. To attract the attention of shoppers in one of the UK's busiest shopping centres Noise knew that the sampling had to be supported by an eye-catching, branded stand and an energetic team of staff.

We have worked with Ricola on sampling events for many years, and we know the brand inside out. We drew on this experience to design a stand that featured playful giant versions of the company's distinctive square packets and highlighted Ricola's health credentials with imagery of alpine landscapes and an intrepid climbing gardener.

Ricola Stand
Ricola Sugar Swap Area
Ricola Boxes

Adding value with social media

As well as giving out single sweet samples, we offered shoppers the chance to receive a full pack of Ricola sugar free sweets absolutely free in return for disposing of their own sugary snacks. Amaze even brought along an expert dietitian to help encourage and advise shoppers. This simple piece of participation created opportunities for more interaction and a more memorable engagement between shoppers, our team and the Ricola brand. Noise also promoted #ricolasugarswap on Twitter and encouraged shoppers to 'tweet for a sweet' and share their experience of the sugar swap in return for a free sample. The hashtag was used in over 150 posts over the 2 day campaign, resulting in over 70,000 impressions.

A taste of consumer attitudes

To add even more value to Ricola's campaign, Noise encouraged the sampling team to talk to customers about their sugar habits and their attitudes to recent health stories. We also looked for comments and reactions to the campaign on social media. This information gathering provided Ricola with valuable insight into consumer perceptions of their products and Noise will be able to draw on this insight to enhance future campaigns.


Ricola Swap

Ricola Stand

Sweet success

Over the course of the two-day event we gave away 3,500 packets of Ricola's sugar free products and 4,000 individual sweets. We also distributed over 2,000 leaflets that included a 50p MONP (money off next purchase) coupon to spend on a Ricola product and Amaze secured 89 pieces of coverage in UK media, broadening the impact of the campaign still further.

The Ricola Sugar Swap was a fun campaign built around a simple idea. Noise enjoyed working with Amaze to produce a nimble, imaginative response to a media moment, that enabled Ricola to capitalise on a consumer trend and boost the profile of an existing product range. We look forward to working on the next challenge with the Ricola team.

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