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An international success story

Kilco is an international agribusiness at the forefront of the animal health and food production industry. The company develops, produces and sells an extensive range of biosecurity, animal health and dairy hygiene brands that service the agri-food industry from ‘farm to fork’.

Kilco have achieved phenomenal growth in the past twenty years: from a family business based in Ireland they have expanded to become an internationally recognised brand supplying over 50 countries, spanning every continent. We have a long-standing relationship with Kilco and as they have grown we have worked with them to ensure that their communications capability matches up to their rapidly expanding reach and strengthens their reputation as a trusted company with a strong focus on the farmer and a family enterprise at its heart.

Kilco Farmalin
Kilco Farmalin DE
Kilco Cyclex

Brand recognition

One of the biggest challenges facing any rapidly growing business is maintaining a strong brand identity across a growing range of products and markets. With Noise on board, Kilco have been able to launch new products and expand into international markets, confident that their brand will be flexible and distinctive enough to make Kilco products instantly recognisable, wherever they fly to.

To achieve this, the Noise team developed Kilco’s existing brand to produce a strong visual identity, with clean graphics and a fresh modern colour palette to help Kilco products stand out in a crowded market. This was especially valuable as the company expanded into Europe as it meant that advertisements and marketing materials targeted at European customers had a familiar Kilco identity that tied them to the UK company, regardless of the language they were delivered in.

We provided Kilco with the tools to apply their brand consistently in all their communications, from presentations to product labels. This means that Kilco’s communications team can confidently deploy the brand themselves, while knowing they can call on Noise for a helping hand or a second opinion whenever they need to.

Kilco Website group
Kilco Website tablet
Kilco Website mobile
Kilco Website desktop

Reaching new markets

Whether we’ve worked together for years or are just starting out, Noise make getting to know our clients’ goals and aspirations a top priority. This allows us to design and deliver strategic communications that will produce the results you need and take you closer to your objectives.

With Kilco, this meant keeping in touch with the management team’s ambitions to expand their international sales and responding with an ambitious results-driven communications offer. As Kilco took on a new European sales team, Noise provided dedicated communications for European markets to ensure that their investment returned maximum results. We managed the translation of Kilco marketing materials in to European languages and placed adverts in international trade publications.

Noise also created a German language version of Kilco’s website. The site offers European customers access to all the functionality available on the English language site while showcasing only the products that are available in Europe. By providing a more convenient and tailored customer service for European customers, the website helped to evidence Kilco’s commitment to European customers and is successfully converting prospective customers in to consistent sales.

Kilco Newsletter

Family values

Kilco has come a long way since its beginnings as a small chemicals company in the 1950s, but it is still a family business at heart and want their staff, including new teams working overseas, to feel part of a trusted company with a proud history. To foster this sense of a shared identity, Noise create high quality internal communications for Kilco, including a printed newsletter containing news from around the business, to keep staff up to date and involved in the company’s development.

Looking Forward

Kilco have an ambitious research and development programme, designed to double the business again by 2018 and we’re confident we can assist Kilco to achieve this by continuing to deliver strategic communications, founded on a deep understanding of the business, its aspirations and its values.

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